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NYC Trivia Reviews

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Received 7/19/2020 

I just had to let you know how much I LOVE this online trivia and games. ...they are all amazing. Kudos to you and your team for coming up with such a wonderful idea during this crazy time...and even better...you donate to charities. God Bless!!   Sincerely, Kathryn


Received 7/17/2020

Just received this awesome review:  By the way, you might be interested to know that I participated in another online trivia contest yesterday, and yours is far superior!  The other one that I did had us play using the game app Kahoot to submit our answers, and it's timed, so whoever submits theirs the fastest each question would be in first place. We had one device for the Zoom and another device for the Kahoot. The moderators put us on mute the whole time, so there was no fun banter and meet the players, like you do. They also disabled the private chat feature, so none of us could contact each other to have a friendly private chat like we do on yours (which is always a lot of fun!). 

They also didn't pay attention to the chat feature, so when people missed questions or had a question and typed it in the chat, the moderators just moved on and didn't see. The rest of us would see the question or concern and type in the chat to help each other. Because they had muted us, none of us could be heard!!! :( I was mainly annoyed at the format of having to type the answers as fast as possible!!!! For people who have mobility/dexterity issues, or who need a second to process the question, they would place low in scoring each time. It really sucked....it made me SO grateful for you and what you're doing because your format is perfect!!!!!!! 

So, please know I appreciate how you do everything---how you (or Tauren) actively monitor the chat, introduce us to some of the players, have us write the answers but we don't have to be the fastest, and do raffle tickets for the end, which is far more fair than who is the fastest to type an answer!!!!! Thank you, Jay.   

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