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Online Survey Says- Interactive Gameshow

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In this crazy Corona Virus world, many of us are feeling isolated and need to socialize.  I created this online Survey Says interactive game show (NOT ASSOCIATED WITH ANY TV SHOW) to allow you to do just that, in a fun Corona Virus Safe environment from the comfort/safety of your home.  

Your objective to to guess the top answers to a variety of survey questions on a variety of topics (this is not trivia, so every answer could be right.  you just want to try to guess the most popular answer to the question.)    

This completely online event will be LIVE and you will be able to see and hear the other participants while playing.  In addition you get to meet and interact with some of the other participants.  

The event will take place in a Virtual Room using the Zoom program (Zoom is a free download that is super easy to use).    You can access from your computer/webcam or your Smart Phone/Ipad/Tablet.

This is one of our most popular in-person events and I am so excited to offer it to you virtually!

How exactly does it work:

1) You will join the virtual room at the specified time.  

2) At game time, your host will read off questions on a variety of topics.  Your goal is to come up with the number one answer to each question and write it down on your paper.  Once the round is over (about 6-10 questions), we will go through the answers and determine which person/people had the highest score for the round.  That person/people will get a raffle ticket for a chance to win a prize at the end of the event.

We will play multiple rounds so each time you win a round, you will earn another raffle entry.

Prizes be an Amazon Gift card.  

3) Your host will virtually introduce you to a few participants before we move on to the next round (if for any reason you are not interested in meeting the other participants, you can opt out of this part).

4) We will continue the above steps for a total of about 75 minutes.  At the end of the event, we will pull raffle tickets and award the prize.  

You must be visible on camera if you want a chance to win any rounds.  Otherwise you can play for fun off camera (just not eligible to win any prizes).

How do I find the Virtual Room?

After you purchase your ticket, you will get a confirmation appear on your screen along with the zoom link for you to use to log in.    

Get an instant discount. Also gets you on the email list for upcoming events/future discounts!

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