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Speed Golf
Speed Golf (driving range) for Long Island Singles & NY Singles

How it works
Don't know how to hit the ball? A professional golf instructor will be on hand to give a lesson before we get started and help you develop your swing.  A man and a woman will be paired up at each driving range station. They will alternate hitting balls off the tee and get a chance to know each other. After the bucket of balls is finished (or after 10 minutes), the women will stay where they are and the guys will rotate to the next station. Prior to rotating, everyone will have the chance to fill out the scorecard /notescard as to whether they would like to keep in touch with their partner for the round. Matches will be sent out the next day. After the event, we will have some appetizers (included in the price)

Question: I was interested in someone but am still uncomfortable asking them for contact information.

Answer: You will have a scorecard to fill out after each round. You can write down the names of anyone you were interested in from the event. We will send them an email letting them know that you were interested and provide your email address.

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