Bronx Zoo- Private Tour- Endangered Species Tour!
Catholic/Christian fun people

This event open to Catholic/Christian fun people.  It is not meant to be age specific or gender balanced..

Saturday, September 24th 
Bronx Zoo- Private tour for Catholic/Christian fun people.
1:30 PM- Endangered Species Private Tour

Event is being held with The Catholic Fellowship of New York City and benefits Food for the Poor.

It is not meant to be age specific or gender balanced. 

Prepay required HERE



The event is rain or shine. If it too cold or rains, we will substitute the Jungle World Tour which is indoors.



This is a great event where you can experience some of the Endangered Wildlife that calls the Bronx Zoo home.  At the same time, meet some new friends at this great informal event.

How it works/ Itinerary

The tour starts at 1:30 PM SHARP (arrive by 1:00 PM), (location announced only to those who registered/paid) where we will introduce you to the other attendees and give you admission tickets to the Zoo.

We will be doing the Endangered Wildlife tour which will explore the causes as to why wildlife is disappearing learning what conservation actions people can take to prevent it.  Animals we will visit may include but are not limited to:

Western Lowland Gorillas

Snow Leopards

Polar Bears

White Rhino

Malayan Tapir

Black Leopard

Amur Tiger

 Note: This event is open to all ages and is not meant to be gender/age specific.  Please attend if you have an interest in the zoo and are looking to meet other fun people.

Meeting Location

Option 1) Meet at the Zoo-  Exact gate announced to those who have paid.

NOTE:  You must arrive by 1 PM.. Tour starts at 1:30. If you arrive after we leave you will have no way to find the group.

The Tour goes for two hours and is rain or shine.  They have indoor exhibits if it rains.. 


$39.75-$49.75 depending on how early you register.

Prepay required HERE

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