Bowling for Fun- Beginners Welcome 

This is a multi group event open to all.  It is not meant to be age specific or gender balanced..

Saturday, November 26th -
Bowling- Make new friends 
6:00 PM @ Garden City Bowl

 WHAT: Bowling - For fun, not crazy competitive

WHERE: Garden City Bowl

WHO: Ages 35+

How it works

We have about 6 lanes for two hours and you will have the opportunity to play with different groups of people throughout the night.     Don't worry if you are coming alone.  Most people do and we will introduce you.  

We will use the Baker Style System where you will be combining with others 
In the Baker System, teammates take turns bowling frames within one game (as. opposed to two bowlers bowling separate games). Each bowler bowls one frame at a time and then Partner B bowls the next frame, then Partner C.  After the game is over, you will have the opportunity to team with other attendees

$22-$35 depending on how early you register.

hat is included?
Bowling, Shoes, Prize Giveaways, Light appetizers will be included at the event

  Prepay required HERE

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